Gypmart Moulding Plaster

Gypmart Moulding Plaster is suitable for making high quality cornices, designs for ceilings and walls. It provides mixing, application and durable finish that resists paint absorption. Gypmart Moulding Plaster can also be used for mold making, casting sculpted figures and hobby and craft applications.

Key Benefits

Gypmart plasters provide a long-term high-quality appearance. They range from extra durable plasters that resist scuffs and knocks, to plasters specifically designed for different types of background

Gypmart plaster is ideal for use where thermal mass is an integral part of the building design. Plaster provides the desired decorative finish whilst also enabling efficient heat transfer between the air and the fabric of the building

Plastering contributes to the overall airtightness of masonry walls

Gypmart one-coat plasters are highly durable and resistant to damage, reducing whole life costs and potentially extending maintenance cycle

Product Characteristics

Water/Plaster Ratio 1 part of water: and 1.5 to 2 part of Gypsum plaster (depends on the climate conditions)
Initial/Final Setting Time 3 to 6 Minutes/6 to 9 Minutes
Packaging 25kg PP Bags