Our story

Being a green building enthusiast company, Gypmart India Pvt. Ltd. started its journey of manufacturing and selling gypsum products in 2019. Within a short span of time, the company emerged as a leader in the gypsum manufacturing industry by being the first one to lay the foundation of the first Gypsum board plant in Eastern India, at Amta, Howrah.
A company that understands the importance of sustainability, Gypmart’s aim is to deliver eco-friendly yet cost-effective solutions to building interiors. Having a wide range of plasters, walls and ceiling products, we at Gypmart are a comprehensive service provider to all your interior building needs. It is our distinct competitive edge and our commitment to provide nothing but the best that makes us one of the top players in the gypsum industry.
Being certified and confirming to standard certifications, we use the latest technology for all our operational activities. A robust customer relationship management, dedicated sales and logistics team make us the most trusted gypsum partner for everyone looking for futuristic interior building materials.

Our Mission

To deliver the industry's most reliable building products, resources and services. We stand out from the competition with our durable, practical and cost-effective gypsum products. We want to save our customers time and money by giving them safer, faster and less costly ways to build.

Our Vision

To provide building owners with construction services that promote innovation, cost-efficiency and sustainability. We offer our high-quality, environmentally conscious solutions to give our clients better running buildings with lower operating costs. At Gypmart India Pvt. Ltd., we are building products for a better future.

We are deeply invested in the well-being of our community. We want to be a force for change, development and progress within our region and across the world. At Gypmart India Pvt. Ltd., we build strong communities from the ground with cost-effective solutions that help brighten lives and enrich culture.


We believe in quality product delivery and to ensure that we research and develop all our products in our laboratory which has end-to-end Gypsum process testing facilities. Using ASTM and EN test methods we analyze all Gypsum samples to make sure that our products are fire, moisture and rust resistant. It is only after the sample testing is done that we move on to bring the product to the market for selling purposes. Our team of technical experts works with world-class lab equipment that guarantees unmatchable product quality.

Our quality policy

Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with end-to-end smart build construction solutions. In order to achieve this vision, we have implemented a Quality Management System. As a team, we work continuously to develop the knowledge and skills of our members and our people and instil in them the importance of quality service, which is necessary in order to provide 100% customer satisfaction. The preservation of natural resources is a top priority as is compliance with all governmental regulations and statutory requirements. Throughout all of our operations, we are committed to delivering a safe and secure environment to our employees, customers and goods.